Yahoo Maps

The New Yahoo Maps for Mobile is testing a new design in over 30 major markets and is expected to roll out soon. It offers a uniquely personalized experience on both iPhone and Android devices.  Not only will you find your driving directions, but also local news, deals in your area, and events – all in one place. Recently launched Local Offers will deliver the best deals from local businesses and attractions.
If you’re looking for a site that has great functionality and little to no clutter, Yahoo Maps is for you. The various tools are featured along the edge of the map and the search box in the margin as well. Their search function is tied to their search engine and gives you greater flexibility than most of the other mapping sites. Most use this service for traffic and locating businesses in unfamiliar areas.
If you find yourself needing traffic info, Yahoo Maps has one of the better real-time reports. This is due in part to their exclusive deal with TrafficCast to forecast road speeds, alert you of accidents and help you avoid congested areas. Yahoo Maps is able to assess factors that impact traffic and provide this info to users instantly and accurately. With rising gas prices, it’s important to identify the most efficient routes possible.
With so many choices available in mobile devises, Yahoo Maps and related mobile web programs – are now optimized for 5,000 different mobile devises and growing. The string of Yahoo mobile releases includes iPhone, iPod Touch and recently added Android (OS 2.2) devices as well. So, no matter what mobile devise you have, Yahoo Maps and mobile Apps are available for a great mobile experience.