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Are you on a quest for accurate and up to date maps? MapQuest® may be this place for you. This versatile and useful website offers all of the basic services that a user would expect from a mapping website, along with many fun and useful extras. Map quest has a blend of amusement and usefulness that have made it one of the most popular places to get maps and driving directions on the internet for more than a decade. Its innovation and user friendly interface are sure to make it a key player in the market for years to come.

What has made map quest so successful in a competitive field? This company started in the sixties making paper maps, but it benefited from being one of the first map companies to start using the internet to its advantage. It was a success from the very start because it was such a good idea, and it received over one million hits in just the first month. It now receives more than five million hits every day. If you decide to use map quest, you are not alone.

The most popular functions in map quest are the ‘find it’ feature, which simply locates a destination on a map, and the driving directions feature, which gives drivers turn by turn instructions to get from just about any point on the planet to almost any other point. The driving instructions also include the total distance between points as well as the distance between each step in the driving directions. Although map quest offers a variety of fun and useful features, these two original ones remain the sources of most of their traffic.

One of the reasons map quest receives so many hits is that it has diversified its market. Instead of focusing on one area, map quest is always trying to add to its maps. Users can find turn by turn directions and street maps at the click of their mouse of not just the United States and Canada, but several countries in Europe as well. This kind of diversity allows map quest to spread its success across several markets and maintain its position as the world leader in online mapping.

mapquest is successful also because its data is so incredibly reliable. While many mapping websites use just one or two maps to determine their directions, map quest uses several. In addition to the maps developed by their own company, map quest uses data from both print and digital mapping companies as well as United States government agency maps.  While other online maps and driving directions may include incorrect turns or other directions that can lead a driver astray, map quest has checked almost map in existence to ensure that its drivers are always given correct instructions.

Map quest is one of the leaders of the mapping software industry, and it is easy to predict that they will continue to hold this title for years to come. With a range of useful features that have been double checked for accuracy, this is a great place to get a map and/or driving instructions on the internet

Map Quest

Are you on a quest for accurate and up to date maps? MapQuest® may be this place for you. This versatile and useful website offers all of the basic services that a user would expect from a mapping website, along with many fun and useful extras. Map quest has a blend of amusement and usefulness … Read More

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