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2019 BMW X4: Return of the Compact Fastback SUV

The X4 is BMWs latest fastback. A hybrid of a crossover and hatchback, you get the speed and handling of a hatchback with the room of a crossover. The car doesn’t disappoint, using the drivetrain of the larger X3 but putting it in a more compact body lends to its speed and zip. It also … Read More

Best winter festivals in Europe

There are many exciting winter festivals in Europe each year that people come to despite the cold. There a wide variety of them all over Europe that involve many different activities from watching the sunrise to ice sculptures to fire festivals. You can see a variety of things. A few of them are the Amsterdam … Read More

Toyota Teases Imminent Supra-Based Racing Concept

Toyota has released a photo which might be showing the new Supra. They also put a date, time, and place for the unveiling. Some features of the car are a double-bubble roof, a large pedestal wing, a ducktail-style rear decklid, and pronounced rear shoulders. This might mean that Toyota is bringing back the most iconic … Read More

2019 Mercedes-Benz C-class Sedan: Refreshed for Now

The Mercedes-Benz C class sedan has been a stalwart of the luxury car sector, providing drivers with comfort and performance for years now. However, as Mercedes updates its offerings and redesigns its brand, this standby will be seeing some changes. While the newest model isn’t a complete refresh, it does get some upgrades, including technology … Read More

Subaru Turns to Its Friends for Electrification Help

Subaru has turned to their friends for electrification help. If you are a modern day automaker and you have an electrification strategy, then you are in trouble. You are going to face some global stigma of being very evil. You could also miss out on some future sales. Electric vehicles are a growth market right … Read More

Stuff We Drifted in Our Office: Actev Arrow Electric Go-Kart Tested

One office is ready to test new technology and give their opinion along the way. The Actev Arrow electric go kart has been tested and looks to be good. The go cart model was released back in 2016 and already shows signs of progress. The model is just 73 pounds and packed with useful technology … Read More

What We Can Learn about Autonomous Progress from California Disengagement Reports

Autonomous cars are hot. So hot that California monitors the ability of them yearly. Now it’s not perfect but it tells a story of progress for the cars as they develop and when those systems are disengaged or when they sent driverless. The biggest statistic is that real world miles were lowered. More often they … Read More

2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA Driven! (Just, Uh, Ignore the Price)

It’s about time that Subaru came out with a classy, speedy, and in some cases rarer than you can even imagine. The color black on this Subaru WRX STI is the rarest car in the collection with just 19% being built during production! For the price the car has all of the features and a … Read More

Formula One Swaps Out ‘Grid Girls’ for ‘Grid Kids’

Starting Season 2018, Formula One will no longer use grid girls, but “grid kids”. This was done because the term ‘grid girls’ seemed to be derogatory towards women. Formula One Fants will be allowed to walk onto the track and meet drivers now based on a lottery winning. Grid Kids are expected to allow the … Read More

2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S, Tested in Depth: A New King Is Crowned

Let me show you a great Mercedes model. The AMGE63S is impressive. This automobile is well built. It is a Mercedes so construction is unquestionable and performance is dependable. This mid-size has all-wheel-drive which means great steering. As always in a Mercedes the interior is luxurious. Key Takeaways: More astonishing, however, are the E63’s lateral … Read More