Yahoo Maps will help you Map your Trip

Yahoo Maps offers a pretty straight forward and easy to use mapping system. This site seems to be slow loading on some browsers but the ease of use may make up for this. There are not a lot of extras on this site and simply to use fits into its good points. There is the option that allows you to map a route without traveling on toll roads or freeways. You can also choose to map your route in kilometers or miles.

  It is easy to use this site to locate a buisiness in a certain town or region as well. If you want to add different stops to your route you will have to make seperate maps since they do not have the option to add stops on your way. You may drag the recommended route on the map to include these stops. It might not show them on the map when printed but if you set the right route they would still be easy to find. Yahoo Maps does not offer some of the options other mapping sites do and this can be good or bad depending on your view.

For more detailed plans, this site would not be my first choice but if you need to find the quickest route to your new job this site will work great. You will not find the best walking directions and there are no rail options on this site. It also lacks useful options such as reverse or round trip mapping. For those who are looking for the easiest way to drive from point A to point B this is what you get with Yahoo Maps. All in all this site is functual and user friendly but does not offer some of the useful routing options some of its competitors do.