The Google Maps App – Pros & Cons

The Google maps app is inevitably the best map tracker for iphones in the tech industry. They are undoubtedly the fastest, considering their systems are run by updated vector-based graphics rather than the bitmap graphics whose processes are always much slower. The ios has taken a great turn in changing the dynamic tech world for better map guiding applications which are free and downloadable.

This article mainly focuses on the reliability status of Google maps in iphones and its suitability in different situations.

The following is a list of some of the features that Google maps holds as strongholds thus, making it the most competitive as compared to other iphone map options.


  1. App simplicity

Any iphone user of Google maps will confess the simplicity of using the app which is a good thing when it comes to speedy searches as one does not have to go through some unnecessary complex processes. The consolidated interface displays less which is more convenient in finding the desired feature in a short time hence time saving.

  1. Ultra filtered Search results

It has narrowed down many general searches; for instance restaurants and eating points can now be categorically classified according to the cuisines they offer hence easing the process for anyone looking for a particular location. This new feature is proving to be much better and more effective compared to yelp which is on the verge of being phased out.

  1. Weather checker

For those planning to travel, the new feature in Google maps is proving to be an important part of their travel. It enables them to view the weather conditions of the different places they wish to travel to anywhere in the world. This helps in planning on issues as such as the best time to begin travelling.

  1. Navigation tuner

This is another great new feature that a traveler inputs the start and end destination on the map. The navigation feature tunes the path to the best and most suitable route to follow for the traveler. Thus, is suitable especially to a tourist in a place who has no clue of which is the best route to follow.

  1. Direction share feature

As an improved feature from the older android version, this feature enables contacts to share their respective locations and other directions easily.

  1. Voice command feature

The iphone Google maps ease the process for those who always have a harder time with confusing typing in locations. A feature of voice searching is now available in the Google maps iphone with a clear and understandable human voice where the user only has to mention the desired destination to get the directions.

  1. Review window

This is meant for filling in reviews about your Google maps experience. It comes with an improved flow in typing. It helps users share their experiences and also assists in knowing areas requiring improvements in the app by the Google tech team.

  1. Diverse languages

Besides the normal list of languages offered, the Google maps app has now incorporated six new languages in their list of languages offered widening the user platform for easy understanding.

  1. Spelling correction and auto completion

Instead of Google maps giving you a “no such result” answer after a possible search, it corrects the misspelled names and rather makes suggestions for the possible places you might be looking for. Also, it has the auto complete option for search results which reduce chances of searching the wrong places.

10.Guides with time estimate

Once your desired location is found, it offers choices of walking, driving or public transport. Also it gives you approximate time left to arrival helping you plan your programs in advance. Opting for public transport, Google maps gives you routes where to find the appropriate public transport mode and costs involved.

  1. Street view

It provides a street view for searchers giving a more definite and detailed description of the location hence reducing chances of getting lost.

  1. Traffic estimator

It gives a good traffic estimate at a particular route at the time for those travelling through either public transport or driving.

Although undoubtedly the best, Google maps has some critique points to work on and as mentioned at the start, the article looks at the app all round therefore, the following are some of the major weak points that Google maps has been see to exhibit as compared to some other map guiding apps in iphones.


  1. No contacts

The Google maps app does not integrate well with Apple map contacts. Therefore, it is impossible to link up with some of your contacts who do not use the app. This is as a result of the Apple store keeping the consent to share it as contacts with other map apps.

  1. No lane direction

As much as it brings it down to street view, it does not provide lane information guidance and for anyone not very familiar with the street, getting lost among lanes might be a problem.

  1. Limited routes

It normally does to suggest for detours and some particular alternative routes to places. This limits the chances of finding out new areas and routes and even the chance for more exploration in an area.

  1. Major battery drainer

Does not run in the background this unlike some other search apps, is a great defect that Google maps exhibits and in the long run keeping it on for longer drains the battery up much faster.

  1. Traffic overestimation

Its traffic estimations sometimes over estimated affecting the entire trip of a traveler who might seek to find other means of evading the traffic thus slowing down the entire travel process.


Despite of the critique factors, Google maps is still serves as the best interface for users seeking to find directions and other things related to geographical locations using their iphones. It is also coming up with new innovations daily to help improve the user experience. Therefore, it is the most recommended app for users seeking map services as it has been around for long enough to know which areas to maximize on in their services.