Rand McNally

As of February 14, 2012, the leader in travel and navigation, Rand McNally will team up with Woodall’s, which is a part of Good Sam RV clubs. They have done this so that they can offer those who visit these campgrounds helpful data via the Rand McNally TripMaker.

The data that will be provided for the campers are going to be preloaded into GPS devices and will begin shipping out around April and will also be made available to those who already own TripMaker. Those who already own the device will be given a free download that they can easily add to their device.

Woodall’s is one of the leading sources of information on campgrounds for those who love to RV in North America as well as those who love to tent camp as well. Some of the highlights of this endeavor will be listings for over 12,000 parks for RVs as well as different campground locations that will include the following listing of amenities:

Campgrounds that are specifically for families and where pets are allowed.
Parks specifically able to handle the bigger RVS.
Those parks that are considered green.
Information on the sites like if there are extended stay sites, the site width and pull.
Different services like fees, dumping information and if there is an escort to the site. Seasonal information as well as the different rates.

The information complied by Rand McNally will also include the “5W” ratings, which are the views of inspectors who go to visit the sites and then rate them each year.

Other features that can be found in the Rand McNally TripMaker that many have found to be helpful are things like RV safe and easy routing. This is where they give navigation tips for 11 different kinds of RVS that includes weight, height, propane on board, length, different routes that are based on the legal and the physical restrictions that apply to certain RVS as well as limits for bridges and different roads.

There is also an RV amenities tool which lists well over 13,000 parks and campground with all the different amenities that are available to the campers, that includes electric and water hook ups, stations for dumping and showers. It also includes where to find over 6,000 different travel centers and places to park RVS.

One other feature you will find in the TripMaker is a listing of different RV friendly trips that can be taken. Rand McNally picks about 12,000 different three to four day trips that are scenic, weekend getaways and great places to take pictures and videos.

By bringing these two companies together, the hope is to bring even more information and a better camping and RV experience to all those who visit the many different RV parks and campgrounds that can be found throughout North America. This is a way for Woodall’s to thank all their loyal users who have been using them for many decades. Both companies hope that this will be well received by all who use Rand McNally and Woodall’s.

+Ronald Edwards