Many people rely on mapquest, and MapQuest 4 Mobile, for their daily turn-by-turn driving directions and local search. In addition to having the usual features associated with a top mapping provider, the site also lets you check gas prices and transfer navigation to On star and other navigation devices. With Verizon picking up the iPhone, look for Map Quest to become even more popular in mobile use.

Look for a new pedestrian routing, and rail transit option in MapQuest’s growing suite of world-class routing solutions. This new option will make walking directions more direct than ever before. The transit option will have arrival and departure times, helpful tips and station search in designated cities. The program will continue to roll out across N. America throughout 2014.

The recently unveiled MapQuest mobile app for Android is now available as a free app and provides an alternative to the pre-installed Google Maps. The new MapQuest App provides complete turn-by-turn directions and works with the contacts in your phone to get directions to their location. Another great feature while driving is the voice search from the main screen. Look for updates immediately as the new app rolls out.

In case you missed the year-end hype, MapQuest rolled out the US version of Open.MapQuest®. This site allows users to put into effect a sort of neighborhood watch idea, by taking ownership of their local area – thus making it more reflective of their immediate surroundings. It is a living map that is improved by users who can add details about local maps to make them useful and relevant. Look for maps to update every 15 minutes with this new feature.

For those of that will be driving in and around the upcoming Super Bowl, MapQuest®® has been identified as one of the more accurate online mapping services. Their new site, Open.Map Quest also has great content with user-generated submissions. And, if you’re interested in checking out some of the sites around the Super Bowl, Mapquest has a unique 360 degree street view. Be sure to check updates regularly at all major events