EZ Driving Directions – Reviews Of Online Mapping Sites

At Ez Driving Directions, our goal is to educate you about the different Internet mapping services. We provide a summary of the current features of each site, and review them for your convenience.

Basic driving directions can easily be obtained though any top provider. However, many users overlook the value of the route planning features available on these sites. You can optimize even short trips to save gas, find shorter routes, avoid traffic, and even find the exact dish you want for lunch. Be sure to check out all the free perks available on these great route planners.

If you use your smartphone for online maps, be sure to check out the latest super high-tech app for mobile. In a recent announcement, Starbucks will let you pay your bill with your phone. The pilot program is in select stores and Target kiosk locations. The app uses Google Maps to help you find your next caffeine fix – and is free through Blackberry App World and the iPhone App Store. An Android version is expected next.

The category links list are to other pages about each of the major online mapping services. Myself and others comment about ease of use, features, etc. Please read the posts, so that you can make the best choice.

When it comes to major events, like concerts or sporting events, be sure to double check the accuracy of directions driving – especially the day of the event. Expect road closures, barricades and thousands of additional cars in the area. So, it pays to check multiple driving direction sites and other online resources, related to the event, to get up-to-date information.

In today’s fast paced world, many consider online maps to be an important part of daily life and productivity. Sites like MapQuest, Google Maps and Yahoo Maps allow you to search your immediate area for exactly what you’re looking for – and then get driving, walking or public transit directions to your desired location. And, more and more of us are using these sites to share all types of location-based info with friends and family