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Google Maps Adds Gas Prices Along It’s Routes – For Android Users

A new update adds a neat new feature to help you find the cheapest gas After you’ve inserted your starting and ending destination in the app, just click on the gas icon, and gas stations along with their prices will appear along your route. This can really add up to savings in the long run. … Read More

Google Redesigned It’s Map Search Results Interface

Google did it again, they completely redesigned their maps results page, with some nice new features.. A new, cleaner interface fits nicely with their 3 results maps listing they recently rolled out instead of the 7 pack they used to have. The new interface fits nicely alongside their new Hotel Finder Results.  Google has been … Read More

The Google Maps App – Pros & Cons

The Google maps app is inevitably the best map tracker for iphones in the tech industry. They are undoubtedly the fastest, considering their systems are run by updated vector-based graphics rather than the bitmap graphics whose processes are always much slower. The ios has taken a great turn in changing the dynamic tech world for … Read More

Is This For real? An Android Robot Is Peeing On An Apple In Google Maps

Outside of Rawalpindi In Pakistan,  near Islamabad, is what looks like a park in the shape of an Android robot peeing on the Apple Logo It’s not clear how long the image has been there. When you look at “satellite view,” you’ll see a few residential roads, a bit of green space and some hills — nothing that looks remotely … Read More

What Everyone Needs to Know About Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Since Apple updated their mobile operating system to iOS 9, the app lacked transit functions in major cities. They have added it now.  Google has had this feature for a while. With Siri’s abilities also dramatically increased, Apple Maps has become a real contender in the space, and dominates in  their handset usage statistics. More information … Read More

MapQuest Adds Roadside Assistance To It’s Mobile App

MapQuest has included the roadside service in its  mobile app. Now stranded motorists can call a tow truck right from within the app. Roadside assistance is available 24/7. Service charges are displayed before you call out the truck. There is also a satisfaction guarantee. MapQuest’s CEO says that consumers will save money over pre-paid auto clubs … Read More

United Airlines Adds In-Airport Maps To It’s iPhone App

American Airlines has added a nice feature to it’s recently updated iOS app.. It now has detailed maps inside the airports it services. The new function has been compared to google street view, along with standard mapping images. An Android update is due later this year. More information is available here: United Airlines Brings Highly … Read More

Google Maps Adds ‘Night Mode’ – To It’s iOS App

A new update to Google Maps iOS App makes it easier to use in dimly lit conditions, like at night. This is a safety feature to reduce the user’s risk when driving. This is designed to lessen the bright light from the display when switching between the app & the road. You can read more … Read More

How Does A Driverless Car Really Work?

Have you ever wondered how a driverless car could possibly work? In Google’s testing facility, They show how their cars see the road, and explain why humans are actually the weakest link. In this article, Chris Urmson shows amazing footage of how a self-driving vehicle views the road, and then makes decisions about what to do next. A … Read More

“Does MapQuest still exist?” Yes, They Do. And They Are Doing Well..

MapQuest Is A well known brand, but does anyone still use them? The answer is yes! in fact, they are profitable, and on the rebound. Here is the article in full -> Link To Full Article – – – – –