Yes, Donald Trump can win. Here are 4 maps that prove it. – Washington Post

could it be that trump still has a chance to win the upcoming presidential election, despite what some are saying? There is still plenty of hope for the real estate guru. he is certainly not out of the race and has plenty of support behind him. take a look at these four maps that show that trump still has a shot at the White House.

Key Takeaways:

  • The last week has been a tough one for Hillary Clinton. As national polling tightens, we at The Fix are making three changes in our electoral-map ratings — all of which favor Trump.
  • Likely voters currently break 47 percent for Clinton and 43 percent for Trump in the latest tracking poll results.
  • The Democrat continues to show some weaknesses in the closing days, however.

“Donald Trump is banking on a late-hour attempt to win at least one blue-leaning state while Hillary Clinton is trying to hold on to her lead as the polls tighten and the race enters its last dash across the country.”