Yahoo Maps

Have you checked out Yahoo Maps lately? Although they are very much like the other mapping websites out there, this website offers a level of function and features that sets them apart from the crowd. Yahoo Maps is emerging as one of the leaders in mapping technology, and their innovative and thoughtful features make them the site of the future. Whether you are planning a trip, looking for a newer and more fun place to live, or just want to take an aerial look at your community and neighborhood, yahoomaps offers a variety of fun and user friendly features that meet all of your needs.

On a surface level, yahoo maps is much like every other mapping website on the market. The site allows users to enter a starting address and a destination, then receive a detailed map and turn by turn driving directions with just a click of their mouse. Yahoomaps also has a uniquely functional map on their home page that can zoom in on any location with just a click. Users can choose between a traditional map, a satellite image with photographic quality and clarity, or a hybrid map that gives them the best of both worlds. This is a fun and useful tool, but it just one of many ways that yahoomaps has established itself as the foremost mapping website.

Another handy feature that yahoomaps offers is the ability to search for businesses. You can search for a specific business by name and receive detailed, step by step driving instructions. You can also search for a general category of business, such as ‘restaurant’, and receive a list of establishments in the community you are researching. In this way, yahoomaps gives you access not just to a map, but a guide to all of the resources a community has to offer.

Yahoo maps can be used for more than just driving directions. Because yahoomaps gives you access to a satellite image, you can check out parks, look at new developments, and even see into a neighbor’s back yard. All of this technology is available from any desktop or cell phone.

With all of these features, you would think that yahoomaps is a premium service that costs a lot of money or requires an expensive membership. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Yahoo maps is absolutely free and doesn’t require a sign up or membership. You are totally anonymous on the site, so only you know what you are looking at and why.  Because it costs nothing, you can do as many yahoomaps searches as you want without worrying about expense.

These versatile and useful features are only a small sample of what yahoo maps has to offer. Yahoomaps is a versatile website offering a wide range of tools and information about almost any area in the world. Yahoomaps is is one of the fastest growing online mapping websites thanks to their accuracy and usability, and they are sure to remain the leader thanks to their innovative and unique tools.