Yahoo Maps Service Review

Yahoo, not only a search engine used in society today, but also a website used for email, buying items online, reading the news, weather, jobs, a personal calender and it even has a map service. The yahoo map service is very handy if you do not own a GPS. If you ever need directions to go over to someones house that you have never been to before, you can use yahoo maps. You simply type in the address of the place you reside in, then type in the address of the house that you are trying to go to. Sounds simple right? It is, and not only is it simple, it is extremely useful as well.

I have used the yahoo maps service multiple times. Just recently I went on a vacation to Los Angeles California with my family. Since I do not own a GPS and none of my family members do, I was able to use the map service provided by yahoo. It only took a couple minutes of my time to plot our family trip to Los Angeles California from home here in Houston Texas.
I was even able to plot out some sight seeing locations on our way to Los Angeles on yahoo maps. I tried to even plot some other stopping points where we could eat at and take bathroom breaks at. Even though I plotted out these points, the bathroom breaks and rest breaks were mostly random. But if you like to keep to a routine schedule it is very simple plotting out the stops. Once you have everything plotted out all I had to do was print out the directions.

One feature that I truly enjoy about the map service is that it shows a scale of how often accidental fatalities are on every road and highway from minor to moderate to severe. This feature made me feel much more comfortable on our trip to Los Angeles, I’m not saying that you should not pay full attention on a long distance trip, but I knew what roads I truly needed to watch out for. That would have been terrible if we were to get into an accident on our way to¬† our family vacation.

Once I started to get tired while driving and my family members were cramped from sitting we took a rest break at small restaurant for about an hour, with the help of the map service I was able to find my way right back onto the highway with no trouble at all and continue our way to Los Angeles.
If I was not able to use yahoo maps or a GPS I would have probably spent at least an hour plotting the trip with a road atlas. I also probably would have got lost trying to find the highway again without the printable directions. Yahoo maps was simple, fast, and easy. I plotted our way back to Houston from Los Angles as well and made great timing and made the trip easier on everyone.

+Ronald Edwards