yahoo maps and directions

I was planning to take my family on a vacation that was a good distance away from our home. However, I had never been to the location we were going to and had absolutely no idea how to get there. Luckily I stumbled upon Yahoo Maps. I was able to get the directions I needed with just my internet connection.

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the website. It was very easy to use. All I needed to get the directions was my home address and the address of the hotel where we planned to arrive. The process of getting the directions was very simple. It probably took me only a minute or two and I knew exactly where I needed to go.

I was able to see text directions as well as look at the map which really helped. When it came time to print the directions out I printed out both methods just in case I needed to look at the map while I was traveling. One of the best features of these directions was the fact that I was able to get an idea of how many miles I needed to travel down each road. This was very helpful because I wasn’t having to constantly look for my next turn. I knew about how far I needed to go before I needed to start paying closer attention.

The directions also told me about how long it would take me to make my trip. Not only were the directions accurate but the time estimates were accurate too. However, I knew that these times could be a little bit different depending on road work and how bad the traffic was at the time that we were traveling.

One of the other features of yahoo maps and directions that I found very helpful was locating a business. I was able to simply put in the area where I was located and search for businesses that I needed in the area. It told me how far away they were so that I knew which one was the closest to me. This came in very helpful while we were on vacation because we had absolutely no idea where anything in the area.

Overall my experience with Yahoo Maps was very helpful. I don’t think that I had any complaints about the site itself. It was able to provide me with all the information that I needed. If I needed directions again I would certainly use this site because I am confident that it is easy to use and that the directions are going to be accurate. I have used mapquest before and not had such great results so I was really happy that I found Yahoo Maps before my trip.

The directions are good for long trips or even for short distances. I have used the directions for local driving once I arrived at my vacation location and was just as pleased with the results that I got from the use of the maps while I was there as well

+Ronald Edwards