Workhorse is Now Taking Reservations on a Consumer Version of Its Electric Pickup

If Workhorse can find a crowd to give it the same sort of love as Tesla, perhaps a wonky service network won’t be an issue. The question still remains as to what type of person would choose this type of vehicle over a tried-and-true internal combustion pickup truck, and if there are enough of them out there to rationalize a move like this.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite some recent growth in plug-in sales, electric vehicles are still just a tiny fraction of the market.
  • Another possible benefit is that EV shoppers don’t seem to mind spending a little more dough to get what they want.
  • Servicing is another big question mark. Workhorse has indicated Ryder will become the primary distributor and service outlet for the W-12.

“A recent survey from CleanTechnica shows 90 percent of North American Tesla drivers plan to purchase another Tesla as their next vehicle.”