Why the TomTom GPS is Your Best Choice

Are you one of those people that insists during car trips that you know where you’re going, only to find out that you don’t have a clue? I learned that about myself the hard way. We were on our way to Orlando and I was convinced I would be able to find the hotel that we were staying at. We got lost once we got off the highway. I mean, this is Orlando. How hard could it be?

Once you’ve experienced the embarrassment and humiliation of walking into a gas station to ask for directions, and then get lost anyway, you’ll never let that happen again. That’s why I got my TomTom GPS. Now, you can get any GPS, so why would you get a TomTom GPS?

Well, not only does it get you where you need to go, this GPS gets you to your destination faster. It has this feature called IQ Routes technology. It prevents you from getting stuck in traffic by recognizing the time of day you’re driving. I can’t tell you how good it feels to not have to guess when rush hour is coming. I don’t have to become obsessed about which route I take and when because my TomTom GPS will worry about that for me. That saves me time, money, frustration, and prevents me from shouting expletives in front of my wife. In fact, we’re happily listening to some music while our GPS is doing all the work.

Ever get road rage because your GPS doesn’t tell you when to merge? Don’t get me started. I’ve tried other GPS’s that give you no indication that you should move over twice to your left or right. That’s important information to know just in case someone sneaks up on you in the lane you’re trying to merge in. You might not notice them because you’re trying to figure out where your next turn is according to your GPS’s upcoming directions. I almost consider this a safety feature because it keeps me from making decisions to merge at the wrong time.

On the way back from Orlando, my wife told me she could go for some Wendy’s. She told me this as we were passing the exit for one. Well, that’s just great. Normally, this means our eyes would be glued to each sign on the highway, hoping there was another one coming up. My TomTom GPS has me covered now. I just look at the point of interest for Wendy’s in the GPS and it tells me where they all are. I love that

+Ronald Edwards