What Is Mapquest.com ?

What is MapQuest? A better question might be: who is MapQuest? An industry leader since its very inception, MapQuest.com has maintained a steady and even rising level of popularity by being the company that gives their customers what they want in the most convenient and easy to use manner possible. For most Americans, MapQuest.com is the go-to website for everything having to do with directions, from driving instructions to easy to read maps.

The “who” of map quest com is easy. Map quest com is not a person, but a building full of thirty servers that handle the constant influx of maps, address searches, and driving direction queries. This building is manned by the team of people who run map quest com. Five million people everyday get the information they need from these useful servers and the employees who monitor them.

When you search map quest com for a driving route, it also gives you the estimated driving time. Have you ever wondered how map quest com’s computers calculate this information? Map quest com uses a complex set of calculations that allow the site to analyze the average speed or posted speed limit for cars traveling along every stretch of every road that you will be using throughout the road trip. It also allows time for intersections, turns, and stop signs. This allows map quest com to give the most accurate driving times available on the internet. When you get an estimated driving time from map quest com, you are getting the benefit of the best in math and computer technology.

MapQuest®®.com uses a similarly complicated system for calculating the location of address on a map. When users search for a particular address, map quest com uses known information such as the street’s location and the range of numbers on that block to determine approximately where the house is located. This is an inexact science, but map quest com usually is very near the location it is seeking.

With all of this complicated technology, it would be easy to assume that map quest com is a complicated system to use. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Map quest come uses a clean, user friendly interface that can be used with ease by just about anyone. If you can type the location you are coming from and your desired destination, you will have no problem using map quest com’s website. You can also click on any of several links that line the page. These links will take you to descriptions and driving directions for the area’s most popular attractions, as well as useful lists of area lodging, food, and transportation. Map quest com is a versatile, well thought out website that offers all of the features users want and more.

Regardless of the type of mapping or driving directions you need, map quest com is sure to be able to meet your needs. This useable blend of advanced technology and well trained staff makes map quest come a company that will be an innovative force in years to come.

+Ronald Edwards