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VW shows first hybrid GTI with 418 horsepower

The Volkswagen Golf GTI First Decade has just been unveiled and is the first GTI to have a hybrid drive system. The vehicle was created by 13 apprentices and feature a 402 horsepower engine and 16-horsepower electric motor.

In certain situations, this small electric motor can completely power the GTI alone, while running on a 48-volt system, which elimated the use of large, high-voltage batteries.

Additionally, other cutting edge technology in the GTI First Decade is the digital integration with drive modes to be accessed via a tablet app orthe bult in infotainment display.

Additionally, a second group of apprentices created the Golf GTE Estate impulsE, and both cars will soon be displayed at the Worthersee gathering.

VW shows first hybrid GTI with 418 horsepower