Victory Lapper: We Finally Drive the New Ford GT!

Le Mans veterans will tell you that if you bring a new team, you should keep your expectations in check. And the GT’s attempt last year to celebrate Ford’s 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans victory with a class win started ominously. In sheeting rain, one of the four GTs, already saddled with last minute weight and boost penalties, suffered a stuck gearbox right before the green flag. Wanting to be near the action, T is pure Ford history and enthusiasm condensed against all odds and business sense into a drivable carbon fiber Hot Wheels toy that forever.

Key Takeaways:

  • I was here 50 years ago with my father, when we won it. Now I’m here with my son.
  • To bring that trophy back and hand it to that family, to return the most coveted prize in family history, that’s what it was about.
  • A CGI image of the car appears in the dash screen when you change driving modes.

“Last year, Ford Performance chief Dave Pericak found himself standing next to Edsel Ford II at the edge of a certain pastoral French racing circuit that has witnessed 84 years of glory, gore, grudges, and relentless grit.”