Use MapQuest Route Planner For Your Next Trip

If you’re anything like me, directions aren’t your thing. I’ve been lost many times and always wished I had planned a little better before venturing off into the unknown! Since then I’ve learned my lesson, I use MapQuest route planner to get my trip directions now and nothings better then feeling in control of where you’re going, how to get there and back and how long it’s supposed to take!

MapQuest route planner is a perfect way to take any address to and from and map it out, it will tell you step by step directions to your destination and it makes life much simpler, trust me, I was stuck downtown for 2 hours last week and even though I thought I knew how to get in and out quickly I was dead wrong!

With MapQuest route planner you simple go to mapquest.com click on the tab in the upper right hand corner that says “More MapQuest ” this will display ” Route Planner beneath it, click on it and this takes you to a screen where you enter in your starting location A, and then you enter in your end destination location B, once you’ve submitted this information MapQuest will map out directions for you, proving you with the shortest travel time first, the shortest distance second and finally any alternative routes if there are such. It will show you a visual map as well as written instructions of each route plan. Simply click on the route that makes more since to you and follow the instructions provided.

MapQuest route planner is also good for those taking public transportation, if you need to take a bus across town it will show you what routes to take, the bus number and terminal if there is one, and the times the bus arrive and depart. Whether you’re taking the bus, driving or walking MapQuest route will make it simple to get to and from directions to wherever your going. If you need directions back, simple click on the reverse button and it’ll show you exactly how to get home.
MapQuest route planner is great to see current road conditions, if there is construction going on, if tolls are in the route and what highways are an option, approximate times are also included so you can give an accurate estimation on when your arrival time can be expected. With MapQuest route planner you can view where you’re going by getting an aerial map or a street view, the street view takes you straight to your destination so you can have a clear understanding of what you should be looking for.

So before your next trip try using MapQuest route planner, this will make your travel experience much easier and it’s like having a GPS! If directions seem to pose such an issue for you as they do for me then put your trust in MapQuest route planner! Not only will you get to where you’re going but you can find your way back with confidence and ease. Don’t end up like me on the side of the road crying because you can’t find your way home, save time, precious gas and frustration and use MapQuest planner the next time you need to plan a trip!

+Ronald Edwards