Update Your Chevrolet Corvette’s Damper Software, Get Quicker Lap Times

For $350, General Motors is making a software update available to C7 Chevrolet Corvettes that are already equipped with Magnetic Ride Control in 2014-2016 models. Why is this update a good idea? For one, Corvette owners will experience an improvement in both ride and handling with a “greater feeling of balance.” In tests, some models also benefitted with improved lap times. With the update, all current vehicle warranties will still apply. According to GM, calibrations for other models will be released in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • GM is now offering magnetic ride control
  • The new cars offer a better feeling of balance due to the updates
  • Only certain cars are eligible for the update and I will costs about $350

“”More important, a Z07-equipped Z06 with the updates saw improved lap times: It was one second quicker around the company’s Milford Proving Ground road course, which means it should be good for a tick or two at your track.””