Two BMW i8s that shine in different ways

If BMW vehicles were not enough to turn your head before then these two vehicles will definitely leave catch your eye. One of which is a Prestige BMW i8, parked in Jersey, with a vinyl wrap that could make you think that you had gone back to the 70s. The second being a cool BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition with enough elegance and flare to put the Batmobile to shame.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prestige BMW, based out of New Jersey, has introduced two new BMW models that are similar to the i8 plug-in hybrid
  • One of the new models features a psychedelic wrap that has been 100% hand drawn and processed by Jay Wraps
  • The other model has been built with a black matte lacquer giving it a matte and shiny appearance and valued at the not-so-affordable price of $155,000

“The combination of pearlescent purple – mixed with cyan and gold – and the artwork really come together to create what one day we could see on of BMW’s Art Cars.”