TTAC Product Planning Advice: The Kia Stonic and Soul Edition

This info is specific to Kia vehicles which are known for being cheap but decently made for what they cost. The info here could apply to other cars but you should keep Kias specifically in mind while reading it, especially the Kia Stonic and Kia Soul which are the focus here.

Key Takeaways:

  • A presumed niche market vehicle has become a best seller.
  • Several automakers have obvious gaps in their lineup which could be filled by a similar ‘surprise’ vehcile offering.
  • The authors/editors of this piece are clear advocates of producing more niche-like SUV’s, and hope that automakers will act on their recommendation.

“Jeep needs to find a uniquely styled, ever-so-slightly upsized version of the Compass to squeeze between the Compass and the Cherokee.”