Trump’s budget will hurt local communities

President Trump’s budget proposal cuts funds from important infrastructure programs. Among the proposed cuts are the TIGER competitive grant program, new transit line programs, and the long-distance passenger rail lines. This proposal is contrary to Trump’s campaign promise of infusing $1 trillion dollars into infrastructure programs. This budget cut will hurt many communities especially in rural areas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump administration has issued a proposal to eliminate the TIGER competitive grant program, which is a way that local communities of all sizes can directly access federal funds
  • Eliminating the funding to support the construction of new public transportation lines and service is worrisome to millions of people who have raised their own taxes to pay their share
  • The Administration’s proposed budget falls short of prioritizing investment in the local communities that are the basic building block of the national economy

“President Trump’s first budget request for Congress is a direct assault on smart infrastructure investment that will do damage to cities and towns of all sizes.”