Travelling With Map Quest

Maps are a wonderful invention. These informative diagrams are full of important information. Moving around an unknown places becomes easier with these bits and pieces of colorful important papers. Map Quest is a popular term from the olden times when ships sailed across the wide open seas. Today new technology is used to get right directions. There are different instruments used for navigating on land, at sea and in air. A common man refers to maps given on different websites, and a traveler makes traveling easier for himself with directions given on the maps, in brochures and other tourist material of interest.

With the mobile browser I was able to find my way around New York City with the help provided by mapquest.com. I had names of places which could be visited to make my visit an interesting one. Map Quest helped me in easily locating these places. Whenever I was famished, there was Map Quest as my guide to good hotels and food joints around the place. My taxi driver could not dupe me because petrol fairs were there according to traversed Kms for me to view at one click. Map Quest mobiles are certainly helpful. It becomes easier to find about your present location. Satellite view of the whole place is certainly stupendous with the view finder option given on the mobile. You would simply be amazed at finding out what all is easily available within the vicinity from your mobile carrier. Google maps in their interactive mode provide you with detailed information about the place you are standing at. All small streets, lanes and major roads can be viewed on the map.

There are your railway stations and bus stations clearly marked for everyone to see. People find it convenient to calculate travel expense before commencing their journey by calculating distance of one place to another along with expenditure to be borne towards fuel that is to be consumed by their vehicle. You can zoom in to a certain location to get a clearer view of the place. It is convenient to have knowledge about traffic on particular roads in order to avoid traffic jams. Alternate routes to the International Airport can be searched for on these maps. Maps are a great way of moving around the busy city of New York. You are bound to feel lost in such a crowded place if there is no guide with you. Maps on your mobile make you feel at ease, you feel comfortable about safely reaching back to your hotel.

Colorful maps make it easy to spot out certain landmarks at the very first glance. Important places are highlighted in such a manner that even when one is not thinking of going there because he was unaware of its existence, he gets motivated to visit that particular place. Now isn’t this just wonderful? MapQuest is a service which is provided by AOL. This is web mapping which is free for those who are online. The service by AOL was started way back in 1967.

+Ronald Edwards