Toyota mixes new flavors for Camry

Toyota is hoping to create a market space for their new Camry by making it more powerful and giving buyers two options, with one looking more ‘sporty’ than the other, although the design base for all of the 2018 models remains the same. The new models are made to be distinguishable from 200 yards away.

Key Takeaways:

  • The overhauled Toyota Camry, with two distinct versions, runs the gamut from the traditional XLE to the sporty sedan with a red interior.
  • The effort by Toyota was to inject some excitement into a sedan market that has fallen into a malaise, as a result of changing consumer tastes and indifference by some automakers, executives said.
  • For Toyota, the overhaul of the Camry has transformed a “vanilla” sedan into a small ice cream cart of flavors that run the gamut from a miserly hybrid to a sporty sedan with a blacked-out roof, red-leather interior and a 306-hp V-6 with quad-tipped exhaust.

“Camry chief engineer Masato Katsumata said that for all of the variations of the 2018 model, they are essentially the same where it’s most important.”