Toyota Is Uneasy about the Handoff between Automated Systems and Drivers

Toyota is ready to make a big change when it comes to automated systems. But that new decision has made the corporation uneasy and it may be showing. Drivers will want to take note and will work to see the project through to the end. Safety concerns are a big factor that Toyota will need to follow over time too.

Key Takeaways:

  • These kinds of systems, defined as Level 3 autonomy by SAE, have divided automakers and tech companies in their approaches to developing cars for the self-driving future.
  • As opposed to Level 2 systems, like Tesla Motors’ Autopilot, in which a human driver is expected to keep his or her eyes and attention on the road while a system conducts most aspects of the driving, Level 3 is characterized by the system’s claiming responsibility for the driving task when it is enabled.
  • . Ise said further that some sort of global consensus on a legal framework for such features would need to take place before Toyota is willing to make Level 3 driving a reality.

“Although Toyota assures us that its researchers are hard at work figuring out the challenges of Level 3 autonomy, it seems like the company could eventually join others moving directly from its current Level 2 system to a Level 4 system.”