Toyota Concept-i Ride and Walk: Improved Mobility for Disabled Drivers

Everyone has, in one way or another, a kind of a relationship with their vehicles. After all, a car ends up being an extension of ourselves. Based on that reality, Toyota has come up with a model they called Concept-i car. Designed to be so deeply connected with its driver that it can hold a two way conversation and fulfill its driver desires while on the way. Find more about this wonder in this amazing article.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Toyota Concept-i car reads moods and can control the car when the driver is not able to due to stress or illness.
  • The Ride is a concept car on which hand controls replace foot pedals and steering wheel and has automated parking.
  • The Walk is an improvement on the Segway and only needs the walking space of an adult to make a complete turn.

“The two-seat Concept-i Ride is a polished little pebble that’s nearly two feet shorter than Toyota’s iQ microcar.”