The Rand McNally is arguably among the best routing systems currently in the market. It provides a GPS navigation system that is popular with anyone who is a fan of touring and tripping. The Rand McNally is compact which makes it portable and as such, it can be moved from one car to another. It also comes with voiced driving directions, an Mp3 player, point of interests interface, a 3.5 inch touch screen map view and an automatic re-routing feature. 
To edge out competition from main competitors Tom Tom One and Magellan Roadmate, the Rand McNally comes with a hard copy on road trip itineraries, a Rand McNally’s Road Atlas and a Travel Planner.

The main feature of the Rand McNally is the pre-loaded maps of North America, the United States of America Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. This maps are loaded on an SD card which should be inserted into the expansion slot of the Rand Mcnally. installation of the SD card will involve choosing the preferred language.

To use the Rand McNally, one would only need to enter a specific address or let the devise track directions as one is driving about towards his destination. One may also choose locations under favourites, recent destinations or choose the Go Home icon to get direction to one’s residence from his current location.
Rand McNally is consistently upgrading its devices. One can for instance currently get an intelliroute TND 710 which features a traffic predictor. This makes it possible for one to avoid traffic jams. Current versions also include more superior software and maps that allow features such as multi routing options, and lowest cost routes. Some, especially those designed for fleet management have incorporated mobile communication, navigation, document imaging, driver training, internet access, hours of service (HOS) compliance and near real time visibility. New Rand McNallys also come with faster installation features.

+Ronald Edwards