Top Gear drives the ALPINA B4 S

ALPINA manufactures some of the world’s best BMWs. In terms of performance, the ALPINA B4 S gives the BMW 435i a run for its money. While the two models are comparable in speed, they offer two very different driving experiences. In a recent review, Top Gear strongly prefers the ALPINA B4 S over the BMW M4. Top Gear claims that the ALPINA has a smoother ride on public streets with a better overall road grip. Furthermore, the ALPINA has a quieter engine compared to the noisy M4. Both cars are very stylish but the ALPINA has a cooler overall edge.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many BMW enthusiasts believe that ALPINA BMWs are superior to a standard BMW.
  • An ALPINA BMW begins as a standard BMW that receives aftermarket engine and suspension upgrades for improved performance.
  • While the standard BWM is great on tracks and perfect roads, the ALPINA BMW is better suited for roads encountered in everyday driving.

“The ALPINA B4 S is also a bit cooler. It looks fantastic and could be the best looking production BMW 4 Series, with its classic ALPINA styling and livery, combined with those gorgeous 20″ wheels.”