These EU Maps Show GDP Has Fallen in Unexpected Places – CityLab

The disparity in income levels throughout countries in Europe and the European Union has been generally understood. If you zoom closer into each region the disparity in GDP is more sharply seen. Countries such as the U.K. and Germany have strong national GDP, but the former Eastern German regions and much of the U.K., lag behind their countrymen. Although a decline in GDP can be seen through much of Europe, most of the wealth is centered around the major cities and the trend does not appear to be changing anytime soon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overall, wealth is poorly distributed across the European Union, as made clear by March 2016 maps of regional GDP using the latest figures available from Eurostat.
  • Most people have a pretty clear idea of which countries in Europe are richer and which are poorer.
  • The rest of the continent is an uneven mosaic, especially in the U.K. At the upper end of the scale, three areas are especially wealthy

“There’s another clear pattern emerging across the map: Europe’s wealth is heavily concentrated in major cities, usually capitals.”