The Top 3 Best Drivers Ed Online Programs Compared – Which One Is Best?

Young people, just beginning their use of motor vehicles, need to be properly trained in the ‘rules of the road’. Online learning is a tool to get them off to a good start. The author of the article is an inside the ‘industry’ teacher, so his knowledge of the training available is more in-depth, than an outsider. Please be aware, that this is geared toward young, new-drivers. There is no initial mention of classes that can be taken for insurance premium reductions, and dropping points from your driving record. A more in-depth review of the website, and/or contacting your insurance provider, is where you may find classes that reduce insurance premiums. Good luck, and drive safely!

Key Takeaways:

  • Ever since they first launched, Aceable has been my top choice for taking drivers ed online. This is a company that saw some improvements that could be made in the industry, so after acquiring more than $4,000,000 in funding, they created what is now the absolute best online drivers ed course available.
  • While DriversEd.com isn’t my top pick, this is no doubt one of the best courses to sign up for if you plan to take drivers ed online. While Aceable is a great option, it’s possible they are not certified in your home state or you found some other concerns.
  • Improv Driving School is one of my favorite drivers ed online courses because they are really unique. If you’ve ever heard of the nationwide Improv Comedy Club chain, then you know who is behind Improv Driving School That’s right, Improv Driving School was created by comedians, which means this is a COMEDY based driving school.

“For teens, it’s second nature. While all teens learn differently, taking drivers ed online is almost like second nature to most of them. It’s interactive, they can go at their own pace, and retention rates are generally much higher than taking drivers ed in a classroom.”