The Rotary’s Returning, Says Mazda, But There’s Some Things to Take Care of First

Mazda has been promising to deliver a rotary powered sports car soon. They are ready to debut a popular new sports car that fits the bill as well. There is something that Mazda will need to address as is needed. Car buyers are amazed by the revolutionary engine that Mazda has on display. That could help the new vehicle make a name for itself in surprising ways.

Key Takeaways:

  • For five years now, Mazda has hinted, then promised, then reassured us that a rotary-powered sports car will return to the company’s lineup, ready to fill a spot left vacant by the departing RX-8 in 2012. We’re still waiting and, Mazda now informs us, we’ll be waiting quite a bit longer.
  • While the cylinderless gasoline engine holds promise as a range-extender in electrified vehicles, that’s not something Wankel fans want to hear. They want to spin that engine up to eleventy billion rpm and drop the clutch.
  • Once there’s cash in the till to fund the rotary car’s development, Mazda will move forward. However, the result of the product planning might not be completely pure, depending on where you live. Emissions concerns and the need to offset the Wankel’s notable thirst means whatever rotary car Mazda develops will likely require an electrified model to slot alongside the gas-only model.

“Once there’s cash in the till to fund the rotary car’s development, Mazda will move forward.”