The Maps of The Settlers – Brooklyn Rail

At first, the map has no place-names, no borders: no markers of reality outside of geology; I cannot tell you where it begins and ends, but I can tell you that it includes territories that have been described by the names “State of Palestine,” “Palestinian territories,” “land of Israel,” “the Promised Land,” and thousands of other linguistic claims to smaller parcels of land which are simultaneously “disputed” and “occupied,” bearing labels of mutually exclusive nationalisms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Takes religious maps and demonstrates how political negotiations have remapped Israel.
  • The Settlers puts a face on those directly impacted by the ever-changing control of the land.
  • Shows the uneasiness felt by the people whose land is currently “not theirs.”

“the greatest power of this film is that it concretizes the dangerous religious imaginary of Israel as it is projected onto currently occupied land in current time; the film shows how the ideal geography of the “whole land” is superimposed upon the real, and enacted by massive infrastructural and ideological overhaul.”