The MapQuest Map Tiles

Integrated driving directions and the ability to choose between licensed MapQuest and MapQuest-OSM data and map tiles. The most difficult challenge in building a custom tile server is matching up custom data with the Bing Maps map data. Proprietary APIs are usually all-in-one solutions that include not just the API, but also basemaps and servers to serve map tiles to the API.

Microsoft Bing Maps, MapQuest, and Google Maps are the glamorous handmaidens of search, serving up map tiles to the masses. A great base map is often the foundation of a rich mapping solution, since it is the canvas on which data and information is displayed. The sites, in the Netherlands and Switzerland, will utilize the new MapQuest brand and interface continuing its rollout of country specific open sites. You cannot add a more restrictive license to the map tiles, data and images on the site or create derivative works with a more restrictive license. The tile cache was flushed last week and load times can, and will, slow down while the cache is being refilled