The man who put Pokémon Go on the map – Financial Times

The Pokemon Go craze has been sweeping the nation in the past few weeks and has caused renewed interest in Nintendo’s hit games from the prior decade. In the game, players use their cell phones to search for and collect Pokemon. Players can then find local Poke gyms and battle their Pokemon. This game has been a hit and has caused Nintendo’s market value to double in the past week.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is one man in the world right now who is known for his creation for this craze that has been circulating the globe.
  • John Hanke has had previous experience in the world of mobile AR as he helped with the creation of Google Earth.
  • As he created Pokemon Go, he has become famous worldwide and it he is now known for his creation everywhere.

“”John Hanke developed Google Earth and then the mobile phone game that is becoming a global craze””