The Importance Of Driving Directions

I came to discover the importance of driving directions at a time when I decided to drive to my neighbouring country Tanzania. At first, it was a frustrating journey as I lost my sense of direction, ended up wasting time and fuel as well. In the midst of all confusion, I asked for advice from a friend of mine, and that’s how I came to learn about online driving directions. Within no time, the journey was progressing much quicker compared to earlier, when I kept getting lost. First of all, these directions are easy to access. With the current advanced technology, it is easy to access them via, phones, ipads, ipods amongst other devices. Better still, there are so many websites that offer these directions at a very low cost; others on the other hand do not charge a dime.

In my case, I used my phone to access google maps. With that, I discovered amazing features that made my driving much easier and enjoyable to. With my little knowledge of geography and with the aid of driving directions, I made several discoveries of certain geographical features that I had only lived to hear and not see. For instance, I got a great view of Mount Kilimanjaro which happens to be the biggest mountain in Africa, and which I would have easily passed by had it not been indicated in in the driving instuctions. To make it even more adventurous, it reached a point where I discovered several ways to kill a bird. This was in the sense that, I had about two to three different directions to follow but still end at the same point.

I found it fascinating as it had been my very first time with the experience of using these directions. More So, I discovered that some were so detailed as to explain which directions had major highways. These information was very helpful as it helped me escape traffic congested directions. Within no time, I had arrived at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. I was not sure whether to be happy or sad. I had certainly been having fun exploring new directions and features as well.

All the same, it was evident that my journey was coming to an end. Then it clicked my mind! I needed to find my self a guest house. I took this as another way of making use of driving directions. To exhaust all about my new discovery, I decided to move further in, to a town called Dodoma. Again, with the help of my directions, I was confident while driving even though the journey was too long. I was always certain of being in the right track. On the map, my eyes landed on Dodoma Rock hotel and without questions, I immediately decided that was where I would stay and enjoy my vacation. Just when I saw posters indicating I was then at Dodoma town, it again took me no time to locate the hotel. From then on, my vacation was full of adventure,  exploring a few other regions. I felt pretty sure I wasn’t going to get lost.

+Ronald Edwards