The Great Help of Bing Maps

Right at the outset, I am going to state I am a huge fan of Bing Maps. I had used quite a number of different online map services and was not always fond of my experiences. Competitors to Bing are not outright terrible but they do not provide the clear, concise, and effective driving directions common with Bing’s directions.

Having traveled on vacation through the Southernmost to Northernmost regions of the state of California, I can state with confidence that Bing Maps were a tremendous help during my travels.

What makes Bing Maps so helpful? There are quite a few reasons why.

First, the organization of the Bing Maps page makes it easy for visitors to quickly find what they are seeking. You do not need to fish around on the page to find the link “Get Directions”.  Once you click on the link, you then need to enter your starting point and your destination. Afterwards, click enter and the directions will be provided.

Actually, you have three different categories for directions to choose from. You can select driving directions, walking directions, and public transit directions. The ability to access public transportation routes and information is a huge plus Bing Maps offers since such info is not always easy to find on most map sites.

My one complaint here is that the information related to public transportation is not always comprehensive. Unfortunately, Bing does not have information on all the public transportation services or routes available in every region.

The driving, walking, and public transportation directions you are provided are always simple and straight forward. A common complaint found with many online map services such as mapquest is the directions given are very indirect and roundabout. In some instances, the directions are not even accurate. Bing has improved upon such imperfections to create a truly excellent map service most will find quite accurate and helpful.

In addition to directions, the page also offers functions to help you find local businesses and what current traffic conditions may be. When you are traveling around in an area you are familiar with, you generally know where businesses are located and what traffic is like on certain roads and highways at different times of the day or evening. This is not the case when you are vacationing to an area you are not familiar with.

No matter what information you are seeking, you will be pleased with the readability of it once it is displayed on the screen. No one likes to squint at the screen to figure out what the directions or info on the screen actually say. With Bing Maps, the font selection is perfectly appropriate which makes the readability and organization of the requested information easy to understand. Truthfully, no matter how many “bells and whistles” a map service presents, the service is not worth very much if it is not readable. Bing’s map service definitely is easy to read.

Whether you are traveling on an extended vacation or need to find a new route to a location you frequently travel, you will find Bing Maps to be the best source of solid and reliable directions.

+Ronald Edwards