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The Entire California Road Map

The California Coastal route doesn’t actually hug the Pacific Ocean’s shore for the entire length of your road trip. The photo tours will help you get a preview of the places you’ll be visiting. The landscape changes dramatically in the Big Sur region, where the sandy beaches give way to steep cliffs and more rugged coastline.

The mention of CalTour is not to imply their endorsation of this web site or the maps being shown. One overpass on the I-40 has been closed by CHP to study the damage, which as of now, appears as a large crack.

The Thomas Bros. California state map books are very popular with residents, but may be more detailed than most tourists will need. The clean modern design is exceptionally stylish, easy to use and filled with information you need.

Let Whole Foods Market help you enjoy more time with loved ones, with less time in the kitchen. Sure enough, although the terrain is so sandy at this elevation, it looked as though they had just recently plowed the drifting sand off the road.