The Car Dash Camera Dilemma: Which One Should You Choose?

The person who is looking for a car dash camera to document their road trip will want something a little different than the person looking for a stealthy camera to protect them from fraud, and figuring out your use or uses should be a top priority before breaking down your best modern car dash camera choices.consider your vehicle, and remember that your camera should be an asset, not a liability. If you’re driving a small sports car, a large car dash camera mounted on the windshield can be overwhelming and distracting,

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a dash camera by thinking about the size of your car and the shot you want to get
  • Think about what you are using the dash camera for
  • Understand what features you are looking for in a dash camera

“If you haven’t decided what type of car dash camera you really want yet, or the specifications you’re looking for, you’ll first need to address your particular need and what will be best for the vehicle or vehicles you plan to use it in.”