The 4th Most-Common Killer Of Men—and How You Can Avoid It

Men have a life span that is several years shorter than that of a woman. One of these reasons is chronic respitory issues. Smoking, allergens, and pollen are all things that can effect the respitory system. In some cases, the air in homes and cars and other spaces can have a worse effect than the air outdoors.

Key Takeaways:

  • The average man is expected to die nearly 5 years earlier than the average woman.
  • Each year, nearly 70,000 men die each year from chronic lower respiratory disease.
  • This accounts for 5.2 percent of all deaths among men, making it the 4th leading cause.

“Apart from the usual suspects—smoking, secondhand smoke, radon—air pollution is a major driver of lung disease, says Joseph Allen, D.Sc., director of Harvard’s Healthy Buildings program.”