Texting while stopped at a light is still dangerous

A pill was taken if Canadian drivers who relate a third of them text while at a stop light. Many don’t find a problem with this because they are stopped and not driving but there is a problem with doing this. It’s distracts you from driving, if you look up and see traffic moving your instincts are to drive too a distracted driver can drive into oncoming traffic. This behavior also leads to checking texts when driving the speed limit is non busy areas that can also cause accidents.

Key Takeaways:

  • Taking the opportunities to get things done when you get the chance is part of our daily routine.
  • What am I talking about? Many people are still texting in the vehicle, but not just while in motion, but also texting while stopped at a red light.
  • A recent Canadian poll conducted by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) asked over 2000 drivers if they text while stopped. Roughly a third of those polled said they do.

“Checking the phone for messages while stopped still may not seem like a big deal to many drivers, but after getting into the habit of checking while stopped, things can escalate.”