Texting And Driving Kills More Teens Than Drinking And Driving

While drinking and driving is a terrible choice and should definitely be discouraged so is texting and driving. It kills more teens. There are stats to back this up. The dangers of this need to be publicized so teens will make better choices. It could save many lives. Right now drinking and driving seems to be mentioned way more.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Every single day I see it,” one driver said. “People driving along, texting, talking on their phone”.
  • Teachers are also taking matters into their own hands by sending their students a strong message about the deadly consequences of texting while driving.
  • Maybe that’s because the American public correctly views drinking and driving as wrong. But when it comes to texting and driving, we are not as outraged.

“Despite a national ad campaign and a national dialogue on the dangers, the study reveals stunning new numbers: 50 percent of students text while driving and half of high school kids who drive said they text behind the whee.”