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Online navigation system in America

Driving has been my favorite mode of transportation for quite a long time. This is because I have almost full control of my whereabouts and complete judgment of the rate of speed, I want to achieve and pursue whenever I am behind the steering wheel. At the end of every month, I always received a … Read More

Going to Florida On Vacation from Ohio

Every year my family and I travel on a vacation to spend time together. Every years it seems that we always pick a place that is farther and farther away from our home. This year we picked Vero Beach Florida. Now we live in a small town about 45 minutes from Cleveland Ohio. That means … Read More

Why the TomTom GPS is Your Best Choice

Are you one of those people that insists during car trips that you know where you’re going, only to find out that you don’t have a clue? I learned that about myself the hard way. We were on our way to Orlando and I was convinced I would be able to find the hotel that … Read More

Garmin GPS system really helped me

Last year I went to Australia with my cousin. I am from Fiji Islands and I have a handful of family memebers and friends who are migrated and settled in Australia. Australia is so big and the roads are so complicated that i had no idea where exactly i was. The roads seemed not to … Read More