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Is Google Maps The Best Service?

Google Maps is the most popular driving directions site that offers unlimited searches.  Navigating the site is very easy and intuitive.  You simply input your starting point and where you plan to go to get turn by turn directions. Many people  get their directions from their GPS, but not everybody has their own GPS in … Read More

Google Maps: A life saver while travelling

Given my exhausting and hectic lifestyle, a vacation was long overdue and I was quite excited to plan a month long vacation with a couple of my closest friends. We planned on having an adventurous experience and so the three of us decided on going to India and Thailand. We first visited India and from … Read More

Using Google Map & Directions From Chaleston, SC to Austin, TX

It was a tough decision to leave my friends behind in Charleston, SC but the desire to hit the road and see the rest of America is a strong force. Preparation is essential for a trip like I had planned. Though I have a decent GPS system on my cell phone, reception can be poor … Read More

Google Earth – a Virtual Tour of our Planet

Google Earth is one of the most innovative applications in internet industry. Available in 44 languages, Google Earth is used by millions of people on a daily basis to seek for directions, places or business locations at a resolution of approximately 15 m per pixel. Featuring a 3d environment, Google Earth is a virtual tour … Read More

Google Maps around the world!

About a year ago, I decided to take a trip around the world. I booked a cruise, as I hate flying and began planning the excursions that I would take when the ship docked at each port in the countries that I was going to visit. I had never visited any of the countries that … Read More

Who Provides the best Driving Directions?

Google Maps is the first place I look when seeking driving directions. It is especially helpful on long drives because Google Maps give the most up-to-date information that can be found. I have used other online services for directions, however, I always return to Google Maps. There is very little to dislike about Google Maps. … Read More

My Unplanned Vacation

At last I decided to take that well deserved break from my hectic schedule and embarked upon an unplanned vacation. Didn’t decide the destination when I started from home, just caught the flight to Chicago and the rest of my 10 day trip was all planned all along the way. Had a very bad experience … Read More

Google Maps & Directions

Google maps has quickly become the 800 pound gorilla in the online mapping business. With their integration into gmail, google.com, and google places, their reach far exceeds mapquest, yahoo maps and bing maps. Most smart phones have the google maps app pre installed. Using a clean, easy to use interface, the user experience is always … Read More