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Google Maps: A life saver while travelling

Given my exhausting and hectic lifestyle, a vacation was long overdue and I was quite excited to plan a month long vacation with a couple of my closest friends. We planned on having an adventurous experience and so the three of us decided on going to India and Thailand. We first visited India and from … Read More

Navigating roads in Ireland

The guys had packed up the Jeep Wrangler to capacity. Normally a 5 seater vehicle, it was now holding 7 men in their late teens, 2 fishing rods, 2 three man tents and 5 backpacks. There was no time for bemoaning discomfort in this vehicle as it pounded South across pot holed Irish roads. Dan … Read More

Driving Directions While On A Trip

Are you planning a trip? If you don’t want to end up lost, stranded, or in the wrong place at the wrong time, you are going to need driving directions. Where can you find accurate, reliable, and free driving directions? The answer is as close and convenient as your home computer. Maps can be confusing … Read More

Mapquest Driving Directions

If you haven’t visited MapQuest®®.com recently, they have completely redisigned the site and added a bunch of new features. These changes are evident in both the desktop and mobile app. With competition from Google Maps, Bing Maps & GPS units, they have pushed the envelope in terms of the user experience and functionality. While being … Read More