Supplier Continental sees potential in robo-taxis

Robo taxis could have potential. They could help people get around. It might be cheaper if you don’t have to pay a person to drive. Others worry about robo cars, though, for safety reasons. They feel these cars could get into more accidents. There needs to be more research on this before we can know for sure if it is a safe idea.

Key Takeaways:

  • Continental has invested in the robo taxis world as an opportunity to being Autonomous driving to the world.
  • Continental expects autonomous-driving technology to explode and grow and they want to be the premier company to supply this technology.
  • Continental expects the autonomous driving shuttles technology to hit the market in 2018. They want to be able to supply automakers with as much or little of the technology they need.

“”Radar and camera systems, evaluation electronics, driver-assistance systems — we are growing fast with solutions for assisted driving and are paving the way for automated driving.””