Submission – Unofficial Future Map: Sound Transit Network, Puget…

Submission is the name for an unofficial future map. The map is based on voter approved expansions to a light rail network in Seattle and it represents what it will look like in 2041, when the extensions are finally done. There are two separate lines to the current light rail and it will one day cover the entire region.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new tunnel will start between the Smith Cove and Seattle Center stations, and will interchange with the existing station at Westlake before crossing over to 5th or 6th Avenue (final routing TBD) and the new Midtown station (probably at around Madison Street).
  • The new tunnel will join back to the main trunk at International District/Chinatown station, where trains from Ballard will continue down to the Airport and beyond, while trains from Everett/UW will now go to West Seattle – Zachary gets that new service pattern correct on his map.
  • One curious thing to note is that only West Seattle trains will call at Stadium once these lines are finished; Airport trains will skip this station.

“This is my second transit map and the first made using a real graphics design program (although you might notice that I’m not exactly proficient at curves in Inkscape…I’ll just claim for now that it was a stylistic choice; my first map was a Budapest system map made in PowerPoint so I think I’m doing better).”