Subaru Turns to Its Friends for Electrification Help

Subaru has turned to their friends for electrification help. If you are a modern day automaker and you have an electrification strategy, then you are in trouble. You are going to face some global stigma of being very evil. You could also miss out on some future sales. Electric vehicles are a growth market right now.

Key Takeaways:

  • – The brand discontinued the Crosstrek Hybrid, and its only battery-driven plug-in, the long-defunct Stella EV, was sold only in Japan and proved about as popular as VD.
  • – Subaru wants a totally electric vehicle by 2021.
  • – Subaru doesn’t expect electrified vehicles to become its best-selling models.

“Carmakers are still trying to figure out what a basic EV structure will look like.”