Stuff We Drifted in Our Office: Actev Arrow Electric Go-Kart Tested

One office is ready to test new technology and give their opinion along the way. The Actev Arrow electric go kart has been tested and looks to be good. The go cart model was released back in 2016 and already shows signs of progress. The model is just 73 pounds and packed with useful technology for anyone to try.

Key Takeaways:

  • The company Activ Motors released the Arrow, to fill a void in the children’s electric car market. It is appropriate for five to nine-year-olds and is packed with technology.
  • The Arrow is packed with safety features. These features include an app that allows parents to control the speed and stop it remotely, collision protection and geofencing.
  • The Arrow is referred to as a Smart Kart because it has been designed with computing powers. This allows more potential applications and features in the future.

“Actev refers to the Arrow as a “Smart-Kart” because it designed the kart with the computing power and connectivity of a mobile gaming platform, according to CEO Dave Bell.”