Street Map

Are you tired of getting lost? Do you seem to waste a lot of time looking for a location that should have been easy to find? Are you directionally challenged? It sounds like you might need to buy a street map.

A street map may come in one of two forms: paper and digital. A paper street map has a few advantages. First of all, it is cheap. Most cost as little as a few dollars. Second, it is very portable. Even a large map can be folded to fit neatly in your glove box or handbag. Last, a paper street map allows you to make detours when you need a change of pace, and then to return to your original route when you are ready.

An online street map also has advantages. They do most of the work for you, locating any destination on a map and giving you clear instructions on how to reach it. An online street map is very easy to use, and many sites can also give you additional information on area restaurants, lodging, and activities. However, in the past they had the very distinct disadvantage of not being portable. Once you printed out your street map or directions, you were bound to follow your original plans because any detour or side trip would take you off the only route you knew. However, modern technology has solved this dilemma by offering mapping websites that can be accessed by cellular phones, PDA’s, and other mobile devices. These truly offer the best of both world, giving the functions and simplicity of an online map with the portability and versatility of a paper map.

Using a digital street map on a mobile device also has the advantage of being able to track your movements. It can show you exactly where you are at any given time and how to get to wherever you might want to be. Thanks to a street map like this, you need never be lost in an unfamiliar place again.

Modern maps are easier to use than ever. Even if you worry that you will not be able to figure out a street map, you can rest assured that the new ones are colorful and clear. Using a street map is as easy as finding your current location, finding your desired destination, and connecting the two. If you are using an online street map, either on your computer or on your cell phone, the website will probably give you step by step driving directions that make getting around even an unfamiliar place as easy as can be.

Using a street map can help ensure that you are always on time and that you can always find the destination you are seeking. Because this street map comes in a variety of forms—in paper, on the computer, and on a mobile device—you should never be without one. This is definitely an area in which technology has truly enriched the lives of modern people, especially modern people who are always on the go.